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  • Personalized Homes

    Personalize your home based on existing Lexis floor plans

    With our Personalized Homes, you are able to select a large selection of the finishing items that help to define the home’s style. Examples include flooring, millwork, countertops, paint colours, stain colours, lighting, basement layouts, as well as various upgrade options. Choosing a Personalized Home will require a smaller time commitment on your part as compared to a full custom home.

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  • Custom & Acreage

    Customize your home to suit your specific needs

    These homes feature 100% customized floor plans and provide you the ability to work with our design team to develop the design details of the home. Some examples would include customizing areas such as the exterior, fireplaces, showers, millwork details, etc. Custom homes do require more time and effort to design and build but the rewards are worth the effort!

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  • Infill Homes

    Are you interested in having a brand new home in a well established neighbourhood?

    In that case, Lexis Homes is your infill home building expert in Saskatoon. We have developed numerous single family and multi-family homes in some of Saskatoon’s greatest neighbourhoods. The benefits of infill homes include living in a neighbourhood with established trees, greater flexibility with exterior architectural design, minimal construction nearby, and the proximity to conveniences such as shopping, restaurants, downtown, the University, etc. We can build on your lot, one of our lots, or we can work together to find a lot that will suit your needs.

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