A look at some innovative designs

Modern home designed sit above a pool
Great views from this modern home

I just updated the “way beyond the ordinary” photo gallery so I thought I take the time to post and discuss the photos here as well. In the photo above, this house has some unbelievable views – from all 3 sides as well as below to the pool. The island in the pool is pretty cool as well.

The photo below is a great example of very generous use of windows. I think I would have tried to do something different with the fireplace vent but it is a good job nonetheless!

Large windows with a great view from the home
Generous front window allowance!

I would love to be a home builder that could create something like this in Saskatoon. Unfortunately, our climate may not be condusive to the sliding glass exterior walls shown below. It looks like these operate almost like garage doors. Very nice home.

Garage door walls
Not ideal for a Saskatoon home

Check out the Gallery page (under “way beyond the ordinary”) for a few more of the new photos. I really like the photo with the tree incorporated into the centre of the home!


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