Stainless steel countertops

March 13, 2010

We have been receiving a lot of great comments about the stainless steel countertops that we used at our house at 631 Paton Way in Saskatoon. The countertops sure make a bold statement in the kitchen!!

We thought we would upload the video that shows the pattern being created in our countertops (see above). It is actually fairly simple to do. As you will see, they put the pattern in the sheet of stainless steel before they formed it around the countertop frame.

We decided to put the pattern in the countertop for two reasons:

1. It creates a really interesting look

2. It helps disguise any scratches that occur.

We also went with a “chunky” look with this countertop to help further set it apart from the Quartz countertops elsewhere in the kitchen. The stainless steel countertop is 3” thick.

The video below is the END PRODUCT in the home. Feel free to comment on the video or the look of the end product.


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