Lexis acquires HUGE lot in Willowgrove

April 13, 2010

Large Lot on Fleming Bay in Saskatoon

Large Wedge Shaped Lot in Willowgrove

On Monday, the Saskatoon Land Branch announced they were putting an additional Willowgrove lot on the market. It had been returned from the lot draw and was being made available on a first come first served basis on Tuesday morning.

We showed up bright and early and braved the wind, rain and snow to be the first in line. Our determination was rewarded as we were successful in acquiring this lot!

The lot is VERY LARGE and great for people that are interested in having a large yard.  It is close to 70% larger than a standard 50 foot lot!!!

For more information about this lot, please visit the Homes section of the website.

This lot will be used for a new custom home to be built by Lexis Developments.


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