Lexis unveils its modern new office

March 7, 2011

It’s been a long time coming but our new office design is complete and we will be ready to start building this spring! The new office will be located at 1124 8th Street East (between McKinnon Ave and Munroe Ave).


New home office

New Office Location - Lexis Homes


This design was a challenge; we wanted to incorporate a modern home “feel” to the building, yet still keep some commercial aspects to the design so it didn’t seem like a home. I think we did pretty well at creating a good balance! See the concept below.


Exterior of new office

New Office Exterior - Lexis Homes


We had two primary goal for the interior:  Create a space that reflects a fresh, modern feel for an office environment and develop a great space for working with clients on custom home building designs for Saskatoon! We didn’t want this to be a building where you come in, go to your office and be chained down there for the entire day! We achieved our vision by creating a flex space that works as a reception area, lounge, and/or workspace. With this design, tenants can use their formal office or can work in the lounge area, hold informal meetings or just be out amongst other people from the building.

Tenant space for lease: If anyone is interested in leasing space in our new building, please feel free to contact us for details. Below are some highlights:

  1. Exterior signage opportunities (on highly popular 8th St)
  2. Interior signage opportunities
  3. Boardroom space
  4. Windows in all offices
  5. Modern design (inside and out)
  6. There are 7 formal office spaces for tenants.
  7. NOTE: At this time we are giving first priority to tenants seeking to occupy 2 or more offices.


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