Going, Going, Gone: Hot New Land Listings

land for sale in Saskatoon


Going, Going, Gone: Hot New Land Listings

As of early March, if you searched for Saskatoon land listings on Realtor.ca (formerly MLS.ca) you’d be presented with over 50 vacant properties for sale. Sorting through it all can be overwhelming. Often the descriptions aren’t very…well, descriptive.

At Lexis, we think picking your perfect piece of property on which to build your new home shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we’ve broken down some of the benefits of a few prime Saskatoon properties just for you…and one in Warman too!

If – like U2 in the 80s – you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, look no further.

Evergreen, Saskatoon land for sale
130 Kloppenburg Crescent
239 and 247 Baltzan Boulevard

If a walkable neighbourhood set amongst an extensive park and trail system sounds tantalizing, Evergreen might just be the right community for you to call home.

We have three attractive lots available in Evergreen, the largest one being 130 Kloppenburg Crescent. This generously sized lot (Width: 48ft, Depth: 118ft) is conveniently located near the neighbourhood’s new schools, which are slated to open in 2017. We also have two well-priced properties on Baltzan Boulevard. Both 239 and 247 Baltzan are within walking distance to beautiful parks, future schools and the vibrant Village Centre.

For more information on these lots, view our Evergreen land for sale here.

Rosewood, Saskatoon land for sale
539 and 547 Pritchard Crescent

Rosewood is Saskatoon’s first green-themed neighbourhood, featuring one of the largest preserved green spaces in Saskatoon. Linear parks and pathways throughout the neighbourhood enhance connectivity and walkability.

The Meadows is an inviting subsection of Rosewood, with its own set of architectural controls, creating a quaint Craftsman-style streetscape. Lexis has two lots in The Meadows available to build on — both are large wedge-shaped lots situated on quiet Pritchard Crescent.

Parks, playgrounds, recreation facilities and future schools are just a short walk from these two properties. You’ll also benefit from the nearby Meadows Market — a retail complex that will include multiple grocers, retailers, restaurants, cafes and eventually, Saskatoon’s second Costco location.

To further explore these, check out our Rosewood land for sale here.

Rockwood, Warman property for sale
607 Cherry Court

Although it’s just 15 minutes north of Saskatoon, Warman’s main selling feature is no longer its proximity to a bigger city. It’s a growing, thriving city in its own right, with a variety of schools, parks, playgrounds, shops and services.

The community of Rockwood consists of over 300 acres of land, featuring verdant green spaces and sparkling lakes. The neighbourhood’s architectural guidelines allow homeowners to build a home that suits their personal tastes, while ensuring a visually appealing streetscape.

We have a prime piece of Rockwood property available for your next home, at 607 Cherry Court. This is a generous wedge-shaped lot, which will provide the future homeowners with a spacious backyard. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac close to a park with a beautiful lake, schools and recreation centre, this lot combines convenience and tranquility in a charming neighbourhood.

If this might be the land you’re looking for, find more details on our Rockwood lot for sale here.

We have a wide variety of house plans that would work well on any of these available lots. A fully custom home by Lexis is also a worthwhile consideration. Contact us today to learn more.

If you are interested in learning about the most ideal places to build a new home in Saskatoon and area please check out our 2016 guide to the best nine neighbourhoods.

8 tips for finding available land for sale in Saskatoon

Lots for sale in Saskatoon

Finding the right lot and location for your new home is crucial! Here are some tips on how to find that perfect lot.

1. Call your home builder

Your home builder is likely the best source of information on available land in Saskatoon. They may be aware of properties that aren’t advertised to the public, and – depending on how big the company is – they’ll often own a variety of lots for you to choose from. At Lexis, we have a wide array of available lots, and we work with our clients to select the property and location that best suits their lifestyle.


2. City of Saskatoon Land Development

The City of Saskatoon develops many of our residential neighbourhoods. Once these new neighbourhoods are developed, 90% of the lots are sold to home builders like Lexis, and 10% are sold to private buyers. Individuals looking to purchase residential lots to build a single-family home can do so through organized lot draws or over-the-counter from the City (when inventory is available). More information on lot draws and inventory can be found on the City’s website.


3. Acreages & private developments

A variety of acreage properties surround Saskatoon and the private developers will often sell land directly to those looking to build their own home. A simple Google search will often yield several options. There are also communities, such as Sarilia Country Estates, selling properties that are less than an acre. Lexis is a suggested home builder at Sarilia.


4. Talk to your Realtor

If you’re working with a Realtor, they’ll be a great source for finding a potential property. They often know about new lots for sale before they’re uploaded to MLS.

Warman lots for sale

5. Search realtor.ca

Also referred to as MLS or Multiple Listing Service, this site allows you to zero in on your perfect plot. Use the advanced search function to choose your price range and preferred location, select “vacant land” and the results will appear on a user-friendly map.


6. Search saskhouses.com

Private real estate sales are becoming more popular in Saskatoon and Sask Houses is one of the more prominent sites for these listings. Refine your search by selecting either “acreage” or “land only” within the property type menu.

The Meadows Saskatoon

7. Search kijiji.ca

Similar to Sask Houses, Kijiji has a lot of private listings for vacant land. Simply pick your location, and select “land for sale” under the real estate section. Riverfront, lakefront, acreage and city properties will pop up in your results.


8. Saskatoon Homes & Land magazine

Whether you like to search online or prefer to peruse in print, Saskatoon Homes & Land is worth a look. The website lets you search for land, lots and acreages, and the print version is available at retailers around the city.


To learn more about available lots for building your new home, please contact Lexis Homes.