Floor Plans – finalizing before blueprints

floor-plan-reviewThe floor plan is the most common of all architectural drawings that tells us the most about a house.  This process can take a few meetings to fine tune the drawings and to ensure the specifications are exactly what you want before going to your architect to prepare the final construction drawings (blueprints).

The overall floor plan gives a flattened, two-dimensional bird’s-eye view of the home. Each room is shown including the walls, doors & windows, cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, furniture placement and fireplace. The stairway is another very important architectural element since they take up a significant amount of floor space and have an effect on headroom – so accurately showing the stair in plan and indicating the direction of travel (either up or down) is very important. From width to riser height to tread width and railing issues, no stair should be designed without a thorough understanding of building codes.  At Lexis Homes we provide an extensive checklist of items to review at this stage before the final set of construction drawings are completed. We make sure to go over things like: location of attic access doors, location of teleposts in the basement, future deck location, door and window sizes, venting and placement, door widths and swings, and planning electrical locations.

Understanding traditional 2-D floor plans and elevations can be difficult – this is because you’re looking at just one view of the home.  The best way to understand a floor plan is to put yourself in it and “walk” around the home. As you take this virtual walk, record what you see and feel and how you get from room to room. Another way to understand the plan is to virtually put yourself in the middle of a room and record what you see as you look in at least four directions.  At Lexis Homes our in-house interior designer will also prepare 3-dimensional renderings to help visualize key rooms in multiple perspectives including exterior views and roof lines. We find it’s a fast and efficient way to get our homeowners involved in every part of the design process, and also helps save time and money by allowing them to virtually walk through the home before even approving any specs or designs, and helps reduce the amount of changes during actual construction.   Throughout this process we also make sure that you are within your established budget before moving forward by providing you with price check ups.  Once the final floor plans are approved, its time to develop the very detailed construction plans or “blue prints” that will be required for submitting with the permit application.

 Remember, mistakes made in the early vision phase cost nothing. Mistakes made in the design phase will cost you time. But carry those mistakes through to the building phase, and they could end up costing you more than your budget can even consider.   When working with your Saskatoon home builder, the more you understand the look and feel of your floor plan design, the more comfortable you’ll be at making decisions before construction even begins and will help to minimize unnecessary costs and delays.

 In a future post we will discuss the various stages of the Construction Phase, where all the planning and preparation starts to pay off.

Planning: Its Importance in Custom Homes

PlanningPlanning is a very important step before construction even begins on your new home. It can be the difference between an “okay” house and the dream home you had always imagined.  It might be tough to envision what your dream home will look like while looking at a house plan drawn on a piece of paper.  Room sizes, traffic patterns, furniture placement and other design elements can be challenging for even industry professionals to grasp. For clients building their dream home the questions and concerns can be endless and almost overwhelming. 

So what can you do to make sure your dream home is as close to perfect as possible and that meets your every need and want?  A good builder will want to meet with you directly to carefully review your plans and be able to address all of your concerns on paper before construction even starts. This is especially important if it’s a custom plan! It’s not like you can tour another one just like it that was already built across the street to see if you like it or not. You only have 1 chance to get it right. It may seem simple and easy on paper prior to construction, but imagine trying to move walls after they have already been constructed!

Some builders may offer the assistance of interior design as part of their package, so you’ll want to take advantage of this service.  Even if you’re comfortable making color and other style selections on your own, confirming it with an expert is also reassuring.  At Lexis Homes, our design and planning process is very thorough. We take the time necessary to take all rooms, functionality and practicality into consideration, using the help of an architectural draftsman and our very own in-house interior designer to provide you with floor plans and layouts, interior/exterior elevations, architectural elements and detailed room designs.

Building a custom home takes time, effort and good planning. The craftsmanship and execution of the home is also very important, but without accurate design and detailed planning work, the project will not be successful. Using the extended services of a custom home builder will make the entire process less stressful for you and make it a more enjoyable experience.  Feel free to contact us at Lexis Homes about the planning services we offer when you’re thinking about building your dream home in Saskatoon and surrounding area!


3 New Lots Selected in the Evergreen Neighbourhood!

We recently completed our picks in the Evergreen lot draw and are pretty excited about getting three fabulous lots in Saskatoon’s newest neighbourhood that each back green space! Our plan is to make 2 lots available for custom homes and likely keep one for a Lexis show home. We can’t decide which one to keep so we’ll see which lots get claimed based on interest expressed by potential buyers. We will then start the process of working out more details to see if we can make everything work to suit their needs. A lot will be taken off the “market” when someone is able to put down the design deposit.  Feel free to contact us if you would like more details about these lots or any other lots we have available or have any questions about the custom home building process.

675 Atton Crescent:

  • – Backs onto Agriculture Canada Land (great for privacy)
  • – Faces a park/trail in the front Existing trees and fence at the back of the lot
  • – South facing backyard (great for a bright home)
  • – 50ft wide x 144ft deep (deeper than an average lot)


723 Atton Crescent:

  • – Same details as 675 Atton except it doesn’t face a park/trail


367 Atton Crescent:

  • – Backs onto a park and well established Scots Pine trees
  • – Decorative fence in the back yard
  • – South facing backyard (great for a bright home)
  • – 50ft wide x 124ft deep


Lexis unveils its modern new office

It’s been a long time coming but our new office design is complete and we will be ready to start building this spring! The new office will be located at 1124 8th Street East (between McKinnon Ave and Munroe Ave).


New home office

New Office Location - Lexis Homes


This design was a challenge; we wanted to incorporate a modern home “feel” to the building, yet still keep some commercial aspects to the design so it didn’t seem like a home. I think we did pretty well at creating a good balance! See the concept below.


Exterior of new office

New Office Exterior - Lexis Homes


We had two primary goal for the interior:  Create a space that reflects a fresh, modern feel for an office environment and develop a great space for working with clients on custom home building designs for Saskatoon! We didn’t want this to be a building where you come in, go to your office and be chained down there for the entire day! We achieved our vision by creating a flex space that works as a reception area, lounge, and/or workspace. With this design, tenants can use their formal office or can work in the lounge area, hold informal meetings or just be out amongst other people from the building.

Tenant space for lease: If anyone is interested in leasing space in our new building, please feel free to contact us for details. Below are some highlights:

  1. Exterior signage opportunities (on highly popular 8th St)
  2. Interior signage opportunities
  3. Boardroom space
  4. Windows in all offices
  5. Modern design (inside and out)
  6. There are 7 formal office spaces for tenants.
  7. NOTE: At this time we are giving first priority to tenants seeking to occupy 2 or more offices.