Planning: Its Importance in Custom Homes

PlanningPlanning is a very important step before construction even begins on your new home. It can be the difference between an “okay” house and the dream home you had always imagined.  It might be tough to envision what your dream home will look like while looking at a house plan drawn on a piece of paper.  Room sizes, traffic patterns, furniture placement and other design elements can be challenging for even industry professionals to grasp. For clients building their dream home the questions and concerns can be endless and almost overwhelming. 

So what can you do to make sure your dream home is as close to perfect as possible and that meets your every need and want?  A good builder will want to meet with you directly to carefully review your plans and be able to address all of your concerns on paper before construction even starts. This is especially important if it’s a custom plan! It’s not like you can tour another one just like it that was already built across the street to see if you like it or not. You only have 1 chance to get it right. It may seem simple and easy on paper prior to construction, but imagine trying to move walls after they have already been constructed!

Some builders may offer the assistance of interior design as part of their package, so you’ll want to take advantage of this service.  Even if you’re comfortable making color and other style selections on your own, confirming it with an expert is also reassuring.  At Lexis Homes, our design and planning process is very thorough. We take the time necessary to take all rooms, functionality and practicality into consideration, using the help of an architectural draftsman and our very own in-house interior designer to provide you with floor plans and layouts, interior/exterior elevations, architectural elements and detailed room designs.

Building a custom home takes time, effort and good planning. The craftsmanship and execution of the home is also very important, but without accurate design and detailed planning work, the project will not be successful. Using the extended services of a custom home builder will make the entire process less stressful for you and make it a more enjoyable experience.  Feel free to contact us at Lexis Homes about the planning services we offer when you’re thinking about building your dream home in Saskatoon and surrounding area!


A look at some innovative designs

Modern home designed sit above a pool

Great views from this modern home

I just updated the “way beyond the ordinary” photo gallery so I thought I take the time to post and discuss the photos here as well. In the photo above, this house has some unbelievable views – from all 3 sides as well as below to the pool. The island in the pool is pretty cool as well.

The photo below is a great example of very generous use of windows. I think I would have tried to do something different with the fireplace vent but it is a good job nonetheless!

Large windows with a great view from the home

Generous front window allowance!

I would love to be a home builder that could create something like this in Saskatoon. Unfortunately, our climate may not be condusive to the sliding glass exterior walls shown below. It looks like these operate almost like garage doors. Very nice home.

Garage door walls

Not ideal for a Saskatoon home

Check out the Gallery page (under “way beyond the ordinary”) for a few more of the new photos. I really like the photo with the tree incorporated into the centre of the home!