BOLD on BROADWAY –New plans unveiled

We talk a lot about creating homes that are different than the norm. This is why we are pretty excited about how our plans are unfolding for our new project on Broadway. This location is going to give us a lot of latitude to be creative!

The reasons are two-fold:

1. There are no exterior architectural controls in the area that “force” us to build “standard design” homes.

2. The area / atmosphere lends itself well to the trendy / modern styles that we like to use.

For example, it is quite standard in new neighbourhoods in Saskatoon (like Willowgrove) where a home must have a minimum roof pitch of 6/12 and a double garage is mandatory in the front of a house.

We are not using either of these concepts in the Broadway townhome. We will be implementing a “flat roof look” on this design. It will incorporate the great look and style of flat roofs without some of the issues associated with “true” flat roofs.

We are also using brick accents on the house to escape the “norm” of using stone on the exterior. Cedar soffits and accents are currently in the design plans as well!

This project will be taking place at 1210 Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon. This location is one and a half blocks South of 8th St. It is a short walk to the heart of Broadway and also in close proximity to downtown.

The project start date is early to mid May 2010. The anticipated completion date is September 2010.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about the interior design and the project progress.



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