Build Confident, Smart, Proud

Custom home builders Saskatoon



We’ve developed the Perfect Fit Process to tailor your design and build to your specific needs. That puts you in the driver’s seat—you’ll have complete control of the following elements:


Say sayonara to stress. Imagine knowing the final price of your new home before you ever sign a contract. Yes—it’s possible. If you chose the “price certainty” route, you’ll have complete price control and we’ll earn your trust with full transparency throughout the process.


Need the keys to your new home sooner rather than later? We can customize our process to have you nestled in your new home before you know it.

Your Time

Whether you’re juggling kids’ schedules or hustling with your job, we know you’re busy and your time is valuable. We can streamline our process to save you time. Our design team gets to know your taste, so they can expertly select finishing options for you to choose from—saving you from travelling all around and becoming overwhelmed by thousands of options.

The result?

No surprises. Confidence. The Perfect Fit.



Building smart goes beyond fixtures and finishes. It’s about understanding what goes into a high-performance home that is well built, comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient. That’s why we developed the Health-e Homes Program. Through this program, we share our expertise with you—so you can rely on our knowledge to help you make smart, educated choices for you and your family.

We Are Holmes Approved

Building smart goes beyond education alone. Your home also needs to be “built right.” That’s why we embraced the opportunity to partner with the Mike Holmes Group by accepting their invitation to be a Holmes Approved new home builder in Saskatoon. As part of this program, your home receives three full-home inspections completed by an Approved Mike Holmes Inspector during key stages of construction.

Building smart gives you the peace of mind in knowing you’re making the right choices—and that your new home is built right the first time.

The result?

High Performance. Peace of Mind.



Build Proud is all about the visual details—those stylish fixtures and finishes you’ve been dreaming about! It’s about achieving your desired aesthetic, and harnessing ideas that once just resided in your imagination, on magazine tear sheets or your Pinterest boards, and making them a reality. It’s about great design that celebrates your tastes, and balances form and function.

Love Coming Home - design process

Our Love Coming Home design process is where we get to know you—your likes and dislikes, needs vs. wants, your design tastes and your family’s lifestyle, so we can create a thoughtfully designed home that’s both beautiful and functional. Whether you love to host large family gatherings or casual get-togethers with friends, whether you want kid-friendly finishes or a sophisticated urban vibe, we work with you to create a custom design you’ll be proud of, and eager to share with family and friends.

The result?

Coming Home