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We have put together an assortment of articles and guides to help educate our clients on various topics related to home building. Topics ranges from the cost to build a house in Saskatoon to what to consider when building a infill home. Enjoy!

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A brief overview of the process for building a new home can be found on “Our Process” page on our website. The guides listed above will also help to get you started. Alternatively, feel free to call or email us as we would be more than happy to help out.

If you can find a finished home that meets all of your needs, this will require less time and effort for sure. We find that many people start by looking at completed homes but they just can’t find the right location, floor plan, or style they desire. When they look into having a home built just for their needs, people often find out that the pricing can be comparable to finished homes – and you get the added benefit of getting exactly what you want.

We use our floor plans as a starting point to get us going in the right direction. Our plans can be modified to suit your needs. If you already have an idea for a floor plan, we can work with that too as we have an in house designer to help you every step of the way.

The construction of the home itself will take approximately 6 months for most homes. The time for building permits and mobilizing the trades will be a few weeks or so, depending on the time of year (spring is generally the busiest). The design time depends on whether we are using an existing floor plan or designing a custom home.

Our “Available Lots” section of the Find Your Home page is a great resource. In some neighbourhoods, we can also purchase lots from other home builders if you happen to find a lot that you really like but would like to build with Lexis Homes.

We do! We have a lot of experience with knockdowns/rebuilds in established neighbourhoods. We have built both traditional and modern style homes in these neighbourhoods and we know all of the ins and outs of what is required to build an infill home.

Our Show Homes page lists our regular show home hours. If you can’t make these hours work with your schedule, feel free to call us for a private tour.

If you are in a Lexis Home, it means the home was inspected during various stages of construction by Holmes approved inspectors. When construction is complete, you get a certificate to verify the inspections were completed. This gives you the proof that your home was built right, which helps with warranties and if you ever want to sell, it can help increase value. Regular municipal inspections don’t do that.

Mike Holmes is regarded as an authority within the construction industry, whose code is “Make It Right.” The HOLMES Approved Homes Program upholds this code by ensuring that the construction of every home registered in the Program is completed right the first time. This is a partnership with Lexis Homes, not an endorsement.