Renovations magazine with Lexis Home on the cover

We are pretty excited about having our home featured on the front cover of Renovations magazine for the month of May! It is also included in the article titled “New Home Challenge: Custom versus Spec”. A special thanks goes out to Studio 2.0 for submitting our photos with the article! Thanks for Craig Leontowicz for taking great photographs of our house as well!

The article itself discusses how buyers can determined if they are best suited for a custom home or a spec home. One thing you will notice in the article is that price is not mentioned in the decision process. As we have mentioned before, there is a common misconception that custom homes are more expensive than spec homes. This is not necessarily the case. It truly is up to the buyer depending on what they chose for finishing products. Often times a custom home can be less expensive than a spec home because the house price is locked in and is not affected by rising market prices. Also, since a home builder is taking on less risk, it may help in the pricing as well.

Keep an eye out for the magazine when you are out at various retail stores in Saskatoon. The magazine is distributed for free in many stores around Saskatoon such as Mac’s, Safeway, etc.