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559 Bolstad Turn


559 Bolstad Turn

555 Bolstad Turn – SOLD!!

559 Bolstad Turn – AVAILABLE NOW

Lot Specifications:
Located in Aspen Ridge (University Heights)
Park facing lot with sweeping views
Lot Price: $166,100 + GST
Front/rear yard: 44ft (13.42m)
Depth sideyard: 118ft (36m)

Additional information:
Lexis Homes has a number of floor plans that are well suited for these lots.  A full custom home is another great option for those who would like a customized home. Lexis Homes offers free consultations to help you discover what works best for YOU. Feel free to contact us for further information. Realtors welcome.

Min House Size:
i. 1,000 square feet in the case of a bungalow, bi-level or split-level dwelling; or
ii. 1,200 square feet in the case of a two-storey dwelling.

Natural Prairie Spaces
In Aspen Ridge, connecting with nature will be as simple as a walk in the park. The neighbourhood is bounded on the northwest by the Northeast Swale, a native grassland ecosystem. This ancient river channel is unique to the Saskatoon region and is home to several rare and endangered plants and animals.

To help protect this important ecological feature, a transitional park called The Greenway will be built between the edge of the neighbourhood and the Swale. Seeded with native prairie plants, The Greenway includes plans for a trail that will run the length of Aspen Ridge, connecting to the Swale and the Meewasin Valley river trail system.

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