Saskatoon Custom Home Builders

At Lexis Homes, we help our clients to ‘build confident, build smart and build proud.’ This is more than just a saying – it is reflected in our unique design and build process.


Meet & Greet

This is our opportunity to get you know you. We’ll chat about where you’d like to live, how you live, and what’s important to you in a home. This is also you chance to learn about us. Bring any questions you have about our designs, our process, financing, or anything else you’re curious about. We can’t wait to meet you!



Preliminary Pricing

Pricing is usually one the first questions we are asked, and rightfully so. We know our clients want to have a ballpark price for their new home before investing too much time into the process. That’s why we are transparent about pricing. Our pricing page provides a quick insight on the cost to build a new home in Saskatoon. To get an idea of the cost to build the home you want, we can provide you with a preliminary price with no commitment from you.



Lot Selection

If you don’t already have a lot to build on, we’ll review our inventory with you, based on where and how you want to live. If we don’t already own one that suits your needs, we’ll start our search for the picture-perfect property.


Design Phase

Now it’s time to get into the visual details and build proud! Whether we’re starting with design details you’ve been dreaming about or designing stunning new concepts for you, we’ll achieve your desired aesthetic. With the right mix of form and function, we’ll ensure your new home is one you are proud to call your own.



Perfect Fit Process

It’s your home building journey – you choose the level of involvement you want to have in the design phase. Do you want to play an active roll and be involved in every decision? Great! Or, are you too busy or not keen on exploring all of the materials/selections options available for your home? That’s okay, too. We can provide the option of having our designers do the legwork for you based on your style preferences. The result? Great designs and materials for your new home with minimal time requirement for you.



Health-e Homes

Building a new home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. This is why you should build smart. We share our knowledge about the processes and features that will protect your investment for years to come. From healthy materials and insulation, to energy-efficient products and systems, we’ll help you make the best choices for your needs, lifestyle and budget.


Price Confidence

All of our projects feature our signature “Price Confidence” benefit. Build confident when you say sayonara to the potential for large budget overruns during the build. We complete all key interior design details and selections before you sign the dotted line and construction begins.



Construction Launch

And we have lift off! Before construction commences, we sign the final paperwork and obtain a deposit before breaking ground. During construction, Mike Holmes Approved inspectors will inspect your home three times to ensure it’s a truly high-performance home for you and your family. That’s building smart!



Possession and Warranty

It’s time to celebrate as you step foot into your new home! All the excitement culminates on possession day. Don’t worry – once you’ve settled in, we promise not to leave you. We’re in it for the long haul and we’re here to ensure your home operates at peak performance for years to come.

Love Coming Home!