Peace of Mind with a New Home Warranty

A new home is the biggest single investment most of us will ever make in our lifetime. We normally have warranties on our cars, kitchen appliances, home electronics, etc.  So it’s even more important that we do everything we can to make sure that your new home will be a good investment – and protecting that investment is the next step to secure and comfortable living.  Researching and choosing the right builder for your new home and knowing that your builder is a member of a warranty program offers peace of mind for that investment.

Home Warranty ProtectionA New Home Warranty program requires its builder members to meet a high standard of professionalism and quality, and will provide clearly documented guidelines for what’s acceptable and expected.  In the unlikely event that your builder does not honor their commitments, the new home warranty will step in and make sure your concerns are addressed. Before deciding on a builder, we encourage all buyers to ask them about what third-party warranty they provide, and understand and review the new home warranty policy and procedures thoroughly.

Peace of mind isn’t easy to come by these days, but knowing that you have a sound, comprehensive and clear warranty protection program standing behind you and your family throughout the entire building process removes that element of uncertainty.

Lexis Homes is a registered member of the Progressive New Home Warranty Program. With our new home warranty protection, you will have piece of mind in your Saskatoon home builder.


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