Price Confidence Program

Plan-Before-You-Pay With Lexis Homes
Lock-In Your Price Until Spring 2024

No Commitment Required!

Limited Lots Available – Must register by October 31st, 2023

Build with Peace of Mind

Protect yourself against rising house construction costs and inflation by registering for Lexis Homes’ Price Confidence program. We’ll hold the cost of the build and lot until possession

Plan Before You Pay

Develop all key design details
before you sign the dotted line

Locked-In Price

Protect against inflation - Lock in
your price until build completion

Free Guide: Building Costs

Learn the costs of building a home
in Saskatoon and what is fair to pay

Lexis will hold the costs of the build and lot price from the time of drawing completion to possession date. Simply register your name by October 31st to qualify for a locked-in price.

As a bonus we’ll send you the free guide regarding home building costs in Saskatoon.

Premium Lots Available

Whether you want to live in an infill in the core, a sprawling acreage property, or in a young and fresh new neighbourhood, we have perfect lots to suit your lifestyle.


Buena Vista - 136 4th Street East


Rosewood - 247 Flynn Cove


Edgemont Park Estates - 506 Edgemont St

Pay Upon Possession

Only a 10% deposit is required to start building with Lexis Homes. When building on our lots, we finance the cost of the lot and construction until you’re ready to take possession. This ensures things stay within budget while planning and provides you time to arrange financing.

If you’re considering when the right time is to build a new house, choose Lexis Homes to give you peace of mind and confidence the price will be in-line. Now is the time.

Sign-up for Lexis Homes’ Price Confidence Program
Limited Lots Available - Must Register by October 31, 2023. No Commitment Required.