The Acreage Advantage


Let’s face it — some of us are natural urbanites and some of us crave the peace and privacy of acreage living. If you’re one of the latter, maybe you’re looking to build a bigger home than you could in Saskatoon. Perhaps, you simply want the quiet serenity country living affords. Whatever your reason, there are several advantages of acreage living around Saskatoon. We’ve compiled a few for your consideration.


Stretch out your floor plan and your options

The acreage developments you’ll find outside Saskatoon range anywhere from one to ten acres. Other developments like Sarilia Country Estates offer one-third to one-quarter of an acre, with the ability to combine lots. No matter your lifestyle or floor plan size, you can find a good fit outside city limits.

Having more space to build means you have more options: walk-out basements, bungalows with one-level living, and larger garages for those who need extra storage for snowmobiles, boats, canoes and other toys. In addition to a large vegetable garden, you might also enjoy a fire pit, pools, and hot tubs. Want to raise chickens? With an acreage it’s all possible. Just be sure they’re approved under any building standards or bylaws the development may have.


Trade car alarms and sirens for birdsong

Many of our acreage clients have a nostalgia for country living. Perhaps they grew up in the country and are looking to recreate that pastoral lifestyle for their own family. Others just seek the sound of birdsong instead of sirens. Abundant wildlife, fresh air, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, superior star-gazing, and the simple escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. All of these are solid reasons to consider building a new home on an acreage.

Most acreage properties that Lexis Homes can provide are within only a few miles of Saskatoon yet feel a world away. Many Saskatoon acreage properties are just a five-to-ten minute drive from downtown but are completely absent of city noise. A few minutes drive can replace horns and sirens with bird chirps and whispering breezes.


Improve your privacy

When you build a new home on an acreage, you’ll no longer look out your kitchen window into your neighbour’s living room or backyard—or have them looking back at you. An acreage’s ample greenspace leaves plenty of room for beautiful trees and shrubs to create a natural divider. In many developments, proximity to wetlands, rivers and municipal reserves mean you may never have a next-door neighbour.

An example of a privacy-focused acreage development surrounded by unique landscape is Saddle Ridge Estates.  We have built for happy acreage owners in this area. This area has terrain that includes natural water features, hills and trees. Each lot provides plenty of privacy. The breathtaking lots are also in a prime location being just five minutes outside Saskatoon.


Experience nature on your doorstep

If you live in Saskatoon, you may have to walk or drive to local parks or the Meewasin Trail to truly experience nature. When you live in the country, nature is right on your doorstep. Imagine waking up in the morning to see rabbits hopping by, having a relaxing walk along a hiking trail, or going for a quick paddle in a nearby natural pond.

We’ve built for  homeowners in a number of acreage communities, including Grasswood Estates. Located south of Saskatoon, residents enjoy over three kilometres of connecting trails for walking, biking and jogging. Two wetlands provide opportunity to kayak and canoe in the summer. Edgemont Park Estates is another acreage community just a few minutes south of Saskatoon. In addition to being  surrounded by park space and recreational amenities,  Edgemont Park Estates offers country lifestyle with urban convenience.

Acreage living can offer it all.

If country roads are calling your name and you’re ready to take advantage of Saskatoon acreage living, check out our Acreage Promotion that provides a one-stop place to view popular acreage floor plans, research property developments, and download acreage-planning tools. Contact us to discuss options for building your acreage escape.