Kinsmen Saskatoon Infill

If you’ve spent any time in some of Saskatoon’s new neighbourhoods, you may have noticed more than a little monotony. Uninspired, repetitive designs seem to dot the landscape in some areas. Without the builder’s signage displayed in front of the homes for sale, you wouldn’t be able to discern one company from the next.

Driven by passion
That’s part of the reason we launched our home building company. We wanted to give Saskatonians diversity when it came to housing choices. We wanted to build homes with personality and style. We were tired of seeing the “same old same old” and we didn’t believe good design should be an afterthought, or – even worse – not considered at all.

Detail oriented
Once you’ve seen some our homes, you learn how to spot them. And like the old adage says, we’re “often imitated but never duplicated.” From our exceptional exterior finishes to the interior design and décor, we sweat all the details. A lot of time, research and planning goes into our layouts, designs, and materials. You won’t find mundane, big-box store purchases in a Lexis home. You’ll find distinguishing lighting, bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, fireplaces and so much more.

474 Hastings Cres-10

Modern and traditional
While we’ve become well known for our fresh, modern home designs, we’ve got the expertise to apply our knowledge to more traditional looking homes as well. Although some of our clients prefer this style, they still want a unique, contemporary home perfectly tailored to their tastes — that doesn’t look like every other house on the block.

Saskatoon craftsman infill builder

Our innovative designs allow your personality to shine through. At Lexis, we believe that just as no two people are exactly alike, no two homes should be either. If you’re looking to escape the ordinary, contact us to take that first step in making your dream home a reality.