After Sales Service Program

One of the great advantages of buying a new home is having a warranty. In addition to warranty protection, most professional, reputable builders will stand behind their homes by providing an after-sales service program to correct any minor deficiencies that may occur with your new home.

Even with the best built homes, problems may still occur. This is particularly true in today’s market where customers are more sophisticated than ever and their expectations are higher.  HOW builders handle complaints from home buyers can make or break their reputation and impact the growth of their business – because satisfied purchasers are more likely to recommend their builder to friends and family.

Over the years, Lexis Homes has achieved extraordinary homeowner loyalty with our service policy and are proud to say that 97% of our previous homeowners would recommend and refer Lexis Homes!

A good builder stands behind their work. When researching your Saskatoon home builder, ask them to explain their after-sales service program in detail, including what’s covered, how to go about requesting service and how quickly service calls are resolved. Be sure to also ask the builder for any references that have experience with their after-sales service.

At Lexis Homes, our exceptional after-sales service program and performance is part of the value we provide. You can take comfort in the fact that your home is not only covered under warranty, but that you have our commitment to deliver a home that you will be proud to live in for years to come.