Five Benefits of Building an Infill Home in Saskatoon

By now, we’ve all heard that “prolonged sitting” can be harmful to your health. Some of us track our steps – on FitBits or our cell phones – aiming to hit that too often elusive 10,000 strides a day. But building an infill home in Saskatoon can be an antidote to all that sitting around. When you live in an established neighbourhood, exercise just happens to be built right into the landscape.

Let’s say you decide to build an infill in one of Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods, like Nutana or Buena Vista. Existing amenities mean you can walk to get your groceries, pick up a bottle of wine, drop off your dry cleaning and choose from several great restaurants when you need a night out. Movie theatres, art exhibits at the Remai Modern and the beautiful Meewasin Trail are all within striking distance.

Walkabilityis one of the key perks (not to mention the spin-off health benefits) of building an infill home in one of Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods, but here are a few more worth considering…

More design flexibility
Whether you’re looking to build an Arts & Crafts style bungalow, a mid-century modern dwelling or a sleek, minimalist modern home, architectural standards won’t hold you back when you build an infill home in Saskatoon. Many new suburban developments have design restrictions that don’t allow for such diversity.

Shorter commutes
If you work downtown, in Riversdale, at the U of S, or some other central location, building an infill nearby will shorten and simplify your commute. Maybe you’ll be able to walk to work—and perhaps you’ll cycle in the summer. If you have kids, they can probably walk to school or soccer practice. Depending on your lifestyle, you may even be able to live without a vehicle, which is the second biggest expense most people incur outside of their home.

Better return on investment
The vibrancy and convenience of living in a walkable neighbourhood is attractive to people of all ages and life stages. Studies have shown that homes located in walkable areas are more valuable than similar homes in areas where residents must rely on a car to reach amenities. One particular study found that having schools, restaurants and shops located withina quarter-mile to one-mile from your home can add anywhere from $4,000 to $34,000 to house values.

Enhanced character with mature trees
Again and again, our infill home clients have told us it was the mature trees or the brilliant tree canopy on their street that initially drew them to build in an older neighbourhood. Some of our city’s trees are approaching 100 years, and their canopies arching over Saskatoon’s core streets create charm and character that you simply can’t put a price on.

Interested in an Infill? Explore floor plans offered by Lexis Homes, or learn about the best Saskatoon neighbourhoods with our free guide!


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