There’s nothing like a good smash down to start the day!  Demolition day is always a big day for us because it signals the beginning of the actual physical process of building after many months of meetings, planning and more meetings.

When our long awaited demolition date came last week on our 6th Street home it was filled with excitement, anticipation and a little nervousness as we watched our skilled back hoe excavator operator maneuver and meticulously reduce this home to a pile of match sticks and rubble.  Unlike the home on Broadway, which took only 20 minutes, this 2-storey home took approximately 3 hours to come down.

Seeing the old house come tumbling down was quite a rush.  It was pretty amazing to watch such a large destructing machine be so gentle and careful at times when it needed to be since there was an existing home only feet away that we needed to protect!

The former homeowner did an exceptional job of salvaging almost everything of value from the home. Good for them! They removed kitchen cabinets, appliances, furnace, water heater, plumbing fixtures, etc. A neighbour from nearby also salvaged some of the siding from the home! All that was left was a claw foot tub and we gave that away too.

Now we can begin the building process and watch our vision come to life! In its place will be a brand new, modern styled semi detached one of a kind Lexis built home.  Our new homeowners (one unit pre-sold) are excited to be part of this process as we work together to build them the house of their dreams.

This week we’ll be pouring footings and the basement.  We’ll keep you involved as much as possible in the process over the next 5 months so keep checking back for more pics and video too! If you are interested in a new infill home in Saskatoon, feel free to contact us.