Intense demand for the last lots in Willowgrove!

The Saskatoon land branch recently completed the final lot draw for lots in the Willowgrove neighbourhood. After the formal lot draw ended, 3 lots were returned (by potential buyers) to the Land Branch.

The Land Branch decided to make these 3 lots available on a first come first served basis to any individuals or Saskatoon home builder . The doors were to open at 8am on Wednesday March 24th.

This is where things get interesting. Duane and I really wanted one of these lots to build on. We have had quite a few interested parties that want Lexis Developments to build for them in Willowgrove. I guess they like our style!

So anyway, Duane and I decided we were going to “outsmart” the competition and get in line at 11pm on Tuesday night. We had everything all planned out – food, drinks, entertainment, warm clothes, etc. We were ready to implement the plan!

At 5pm on Tuesday I was driving home from the office and decided to drive by the Land Branch to scope out where to park later in the evening. Much to my dismay, there were already people in line! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I then talked to the people in line. There were 2 home builders and 1 individual. One of the home builders had been there since 8:30am that morning. Wow. We were outsmarted on this day.

As an act of kindness and congratulations, Duane and I stopped by at 10pm to bring everyone some coffee. Unfortunately, someone had brought them all coffee about 5 minutes earlier. Ouch. Talk about rubbing salt in our wounds!

Oh well. Some day we will look back on this and laugh. It is a lesson learned. We will now await the upcoming Saskatoon lots in Evergreen and focus on Broadway, Hampton Village, Warman, and possibly Stonebridge and Martensville.

Lexis Developments is a new home builder in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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