The new and improved Lexis website!

Welcome to the new and improved Lexis Developments website! We have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to revamp our site to better reflect our vision. Since our slogan is Different by Design we felt our website should be different from the norm as well.

What makes our website unique?

1. Inspiration gallery

We decided to include this gallery to help inspire people to implement creative ideas into their new homes. There is no better way to come up with ideas for your home than actually SEEING some great concepts. The gallery also gives you some ideas about the types of things we plan to do with some of our house designs. The photos in the gallery are just a sample of the full collection that we maintain in our design database! Custom home buyers are able to view the full collection when we work through the design process.

2. The blog

The blog serves a few purposes. First of all it brings some personality to the website and our company. It helps you to get to know us as people and as home builders. The second benefit is that it allows us to share some design ideas and home building tips and keep the content and topics fresh. Lastly, the blog will also create a platform that allows everyone to interect with us and provide input on designs and ideas.

We hope you enjoy the website. Stay in touch by signing up for our newsletter or follow us on twitter or facebook.


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